Yoga Guru | Monk | Author | Ex-supermodel

She has been known as a supermodel and the iconic actor of blockbuster movie Aashiqui, but Anu Agarwal’s story is one of a remarkable transition from near-death to Life 2.0. Healing herself with Yoga and mindfulness, Anu is a self-made young achiever and yogi, who inspires people to maximise their potential and find happiness.

She renounced the world when still a cover-girl to head to the Himalayas where she lived as a monk and studied vedic-yoga. In 1999, she had a near fatal accident in Mumbai and was treated at Breach Candy Hospital, to recuperate after a 29 ­day coma. Recovering with a broken body but a resilient soul, she turned to Yoga. Anu’s life-affirming story has been captured in her biography titled ""Anusual: Memoir of a Girl Who Came Back From the Dead.""

Anu healed from inside and out, and with her experiences she started AnuFunYoga for underprivileged children, to help heal early childhood trauma. Now a karmayogi, her love for community has led her across the globe to bring happiness to the distraught, with the Anu Aggarwal foundation, which works to transform lives by re-programming the mind positively.

Anu is an award-winner and bestselling author, who doctors call a miracle for self- healing. She has been presenting her research work in conferences worldwide. Recognised as a Smiley Ambassador and UNHCR Ambassador, Anu is also a Gold Medalist with Masters in Social Work MSW, Yoga certified from BSY, Alternative Yoga Therapist, YTT, Naturopathic Doctor ICNM, and Mindfulness expert, Berkeley University.

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