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For keynote sessions, BMS goes beyond representing speakers. With the right perspectives and approaches, we collaborate with you to understand your particular needs and tailor design programs accordingly.

Our services are customized to different levels of complexity, experience and responsiveness, whether it is individual mentoring, team support, or larger events. In addition, sometimes one-off sessions or appropriate initiatives are conceived.

With an aim to captivate your audience, BMS provides you a comprehensive list of some of the world’s most exceptional and renowned Indian and International speakers, celebrities, performers, bureaucrats, global influential achievers and many others. We provide a wide range of services and are constantly involved in immersive activities which include seminars, hands-on training, webinars, book launch, chat shows, CSR and the list goes on. As they say, ‘You name it and we have it.’

With virtues of honesty, positivity and excellence, we at BMS constantly strive to provide quality service in whatever we do. Being open to new ideas; being positive in hopeless situations; and always striving for success with a zealous attitude – are the key qualities that set us apart and with our ‘Customer satisfaction guarantee’, our services are bound to make you connect with us forever.

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Book Launch

Conducting and organising book launch where we provide the authors from different walks of life a large platform to showcase their talent and come into the limelight.


Content Curation

Providing training for new leaders and start-ups with sector-specific skills, with perspectives of leading industrialists and expert guidance.


Corporate Trainings

At BMS, we also provide training for new leaders and start-ups with sector-specific skills, with perspectives of leading industrialists and expert guidance.



Success Logistics

At BMS, we provide assistance in handling the logistics for the success of the event, with our digital reach and presence across a variety of platforms like live portals, web world, OTT platform and others.


Speaker Management

Our services include identifying speakers or artists that match the client requirement in terms of topic, budget, theme and audience.


Meet and Greet

We all see our role models, inspirational personalities, motivating speakers in the reel life, but meeting them in the real life is a dream that is seldom fulfilled.


Webinar and Virtual Speakers

These interactive events with world-renowned speakers and influential voices are the perfect solution for organizations spread over large distances. Especially considering the current situation of the pandemic, this seems to be the best option.


Influencers Digital Campaigning

Finding out and working with leading influencers to develop your message with expert point of view towards branding, social media, reports, etc.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At BMS, we ensure that your corporate citizenship is not compromised in any way whatsoever, after all, we owe everything we have to the nature and to the society. BMS provides you with speakers who do this on your behalf, addressing the various issues related to CSR.


Live Chat Shows

We also help you conduct live chat shows where you can chat with various eminent personalities from across the globe.